BOUNCE BACK was our very first and

hugely successful edition on 


Wednesday  11th November 


The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel


The first outdoor ticketed event of the COVID era receiving rave reviews


Lester Lam
Lester Lam

The singer-songwriter from Malaysia is now based in Hong Kong. Lester’s journey jumped started after winning the ICMA Singing Competition last year. A mixture of influences from Pop, R&B and Indie music have built the foundation for his raw and personal story telling, which is reflected in his upcoming EP "Unwithered Blue". The project consists of five brutally honest conversations with his deepest emotions, starting with his pre-release singles "Out of This World" and "Realize“

Moon Tang
Moon Tang

Moon Tang, a Thai-Chinese singer-songwriter hailing from Hong Kong. After winning first runner up in the Hong Kong Supernova 2017, Moon began her music career and has been active in performing arts ever since. The following year as a committee member of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 37th Polyarts Acoustic Music Society Moon took up the mantle of co-director for the annual performance and was well-received. In 2020, Moon’s cover of “傾城” for the microfilm “霓虹黯色 - 微電影” by HongKongNeonLight

Lili Forest 木子
Lili Forest 木子

Lili Forest aka MUKZI ( 木子 muk6 zi2 ), a moniker derived from the singer/songwriter & producer’s surname meaning “the children of trees“. MUKZI debuted his first single “ISLAND” in March 2019, selling out yet another show. He started his own independent label MELON YEAH RECORDS and formed the band THE ISLAND in 2018 with his friends to perform his original material as MUKZI & THE ISLAND live the same year.

Tomii Chan
Tomii Chan

Tomii Chan is a musician, singer-songwriter, producer and event organiser. With influences from blues, folk, soul and indie rock music, his style is diversified with traces of contemporary western music. Most of his works are warm and easily memorable, occasionally showcasing a darker side. Tomii has worked with C All Star, Chet Lam, Eman Lam and Lowell Lo plus participated in film scoring works including Triumph in the Skies 衝上雲霄 (2015) and 12 Golden Ducks 十二金鴨 (2015).

Beat Friday/INK
Beat Friday/INK

Beat Friday is a music label, releasing new music on every Friday. It is started by INK as his music journal on May 2017. The songs in the collection have been selected in different playlists in shopping malls and restaurants. In 2018, Beat Friday music has been featured in commercial videos and music playlists for bar and restaurant. In the 1st anniversary Beat Friday has its first mini live show and was invited by cafe and exhibitions for performances and music sharing sessions.




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